ISO Certification ISO
Certification Process

Certification Process Flow Chart:

Process Flow Chart:

We submit the proposal for certification working on our understanding of the business process of every client and the gathered client information. The entire certification process includes three main steps:
1.      Contract finalization and agreement
2.      Review management system documents for adequacy to relevant standard.
3.      Conduct management system audit as per applicable standards.
Audit & Certification Process Particular
Inquiry for ISO Certification To be submitted by the Applicant
Quotation & Agreement As per discussion between Applicant(s) & TNV
Selection of Audit team By the TNV, Prior information of selected team will be given to Client
Audit Plan As per the discussion between Client & TNV
Boarding & Lodging Facility Normally to be managed by the Client
Stage-1 Audit Auditor of TNV
Audit report Normally Audit report of Stage -1 is discussed with the Client
Stage-2 Audit After successful Stage-1 Audit, Stage-2 will be conducted
Certification Certification Decision will be made by TNV (Certification Body)
1st Surveillance Audit Surveillance Audit will be conducted at regular interval
2nd Surveillance Audit Surveillance Audit will be conducted at regular interval